I’m sat writing this two days after Christmas Day. It’s that strange “in between” week, where it’s not quite Christmas and not quite New Year, and you’re just starting to get sick of the sight of a leftover turkey sandwich. It’s that period of time where a lot of us feel that we have over indulged over the past few days (or weeks), yet there seems to be little point in starting a new regime until January 2nd… Let’s face it, New Year’s Day may as well just be renamed The First Duvet Day of (insert year).

If you’ve been following my blog or social media for some time you will know that I am keen to live and promote a lifestyle that isn’t based around fad diets, or a one size fits all training regimen. Having suffered from my own health issues I am keen to promote health before weight loss. Nutrition that is inclusive rather than exclusive, meaning foods that come from both the field AND the Papa Johns delivery driver, as opposed to “plant based”, “Paleo” or other such dogmatic forms of eating. I believe that exercise should be enjoyable and empowering, targeted to YOU, rather than the latest fitness fad that’s all over your Instagram feed. This week, perhaps more so than any other time of the year, is a great time to look inwards and decipher what our bodies and lives are truly calling for.

Let’s be clear, not everyone needs to lose weight at this time of year. Some people desperately need to gain weight, and diet culture is not always helpful. It takes a strong resolve to ignore what everyone else is doing and do what is right for you. For me, in years past, this has meant having to filter out the Slimming World bullshit, where you are labelled a “Sinner” for indulging in a Kit Kat Chunky, and resist the temptation to jump on the Body Coach Bandwagon, where burpees and coconut oil (not together, that might be slippery) are hailed as superior in torching unwanted body fat.

If you are looking to gain healthy weight, be it muscle and/or fat, surround yourself with people who understand and support your goals. If your friends, family and co-workers fail to understand how difficult this process is then I highly recommend seeking support from elsewhere. A trainer or coach can advise and support you through this, and should help keep you on track when you are tempted to carry out unnecessary cardio or restrict your calories. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, please seek support from your GP. I am a proud supporter of the NHS, which is why all of my clients who work for them (as well as the Police, Fire Service and Military), receive a discounted rate on all personal training packages and online coaching.

Conversely, if you are trying to lose body fat and improve muscle tone, I recommend focusing on the small, every day changes that you can make to take you closer to your target weight, dress size or appearance. This is why, for the first ten days of January, I will be posting ideas on Instagram (@BimsWinter) as to how to improve your health. Implementing these ten steps alone are likely to inadvertently cause you to lose weight and set you on the desired path for the year ahead. Again, a personal trainer or coach may help provide you with information, motivation and accountability during this time.

So, regardless of your goal, what can we all do to ensure that we sail into the new year on a healthy and happy high? Well, this week I have been drinking Phytolife – a greens drink by Synergy – in between my more indulgent festive feasts. I have written a previous post about Synergy supplements, and Phytolife forms part of my daily supplement regime and that of my most successful clients. So, what is Phytolife?

In short, Phytolife is liquid greens formula that contains the nutritional properties of Chlorophyll, which is found in green, leafy vegetables. Chlorophyll is high in nutrients that support healthy blood cells and promote a healthy digestive system. It contains Peppermint Oil, which makes it taste far more palatable than most greens supplements on the market, and also helps calm the digestive system (which has been something of a lifesaver considering the quantity of sprouts and stinky cheese that’s been eaten in my household this past week)! With added Alfalfa, Barley and Mulberry extracts, Phytolife supports healthy immune function and protects against free radical damage and LDL “bad” cholesterol. Mixed with Coconut Water it is also makes a fantastic hangover cure… Or so I’m told.

Astoundingly, drinking just two teaspoons of Phytolife is the equivalent of eating a KILO of green, leafy vegetables.

So, if you are thinking of making some changes this week but are not quite sure where to start, the introduction of natural supplements are a fantastic starting point. If you are interested in trying Phytolife, or any of the products in the Synergy range, please feel free to contact me via my website, email or on social media. Alternatively, head over to www.synergyworldwide.com and use my ID 1851906 to receive a discounted rate on your order.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and enjoy the New Year celebrations. And, in this “in between” week, be sure to do some soul searching, be kind to yourself, keep moving, dancing, living life and eat (or drink!) your greens.


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