How good food, kicking ass in the gym and sitting down to meditate can transform your life.

Finding My Truth

I'm sometimes asked whether I use this blog as a form of therapy, and whether I write as a way of dealing with my feelings about current or past events. If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I'm no stranger to writing from the heart, and that I always aim...

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December – The Time is Now

December is a funny old month. As we collectively start to scrape our windscreens and complain about the cold, there is also a sense of excitement in the air as Christmas approaches. Suddenly it doesn't seem "too soon" for the John Lewis advert (which is pretty...

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A Happy Car Crash

A couple of weeks ago I was in a car crash. On a gloriously sunny Monday morning I ploughed right into another driver, crumpling my little car and prompting every airbag to inflate around me. Seconds after realising what had happened I crawled out of the drivers’...

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The Fear of Fatness

I write this post nearly four weeks since I last stepped onstage, all bronzed and shredded at the BodyPower USN Classic. I now have a confession to make. A year ago, when I first started working towards my goal of competing, I told myself I would allow my coach to...

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Is The Fitness Industry Toxic?

“You are one very bright, beautiful light in this very dark industry”. I received these words last week from a friend of mine. To be described as beautiful is lovely, and to be described as bright is even better as, if it were meant this way, intellect will always be...

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No One Really Cares

The title of this blog post may sound negative. Sad even. But what I wish to discuss in this post is why the realisation that no one really cares – in the context of how I look, how I train and what I eat – has been integral to my recovery and wellbeing. Rewind to the...

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