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How good food, kicking ass in the gym and sitting down to meditate can transform your life.

Intellectualising My Experience

Yet again I find myself kicking off a new blog post with an apology for my radio silence. Taking the time to sit and write seems to be proving difficult, as I ponder over what my intention and driving factors are. Since my last blog post I have committed to writing a...

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Love Light Yoga – Yin Yoga and Comfort Zones

When I moved back to Brighton in October of last year my yoga practice was sporadic, to say the least. I had moved from Warwickshire, where I had a fairly regular Ashtanga practice at a wonderful local studio ('Stone Monkey', run by Digby Platt in Leamington Spa) and...

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Finding My Truth

I'm sometimes asked whether I use this blog as a form of therapy, and whether I write as a way of dealing with my feelings about current or past events. If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I'm no stranger to writing from the heart, and that I always aim...

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