I love hearing feedback from my wonderful clients! Here is what they have to say.

Kate has given me the guidance, knowledge and confidence to incorporate weight training into my individual gym training sessions. Our PT sessions together are motivating and inspiring and I thoroughly enjoy training with her. I have seen a huge improvement in my strength and overall body shape.

I would recommend Kate to anyone; she has helped me enormously on my personal fitness journey.


Impossible task. Impossible goal. Impossible situation. You’re almost 40. An ex-professional sportsman who wants to look like you’re 25 again before a boys holiday to Ibiza. The drawback – you’ve only got four weeks in which to do it.

The impossible solution: Kate Winter.

Kurt Johnson - Ex-Professional Rugby Player

Kate is very knowledgeable about fitness training and nutrition, her approach is really personal, individualised to every need with her attention on all our movements for a proper session. She’s got also a lovely personality so it’s been a really nice and motivational experience to train with her.


There are so many things I have improved on since training with Kate, but I think this is a big change – Kate has transformed my legs (something I avoid training), but after a few weeks the definition is showing and I have the confidence to train on my own. Not being able to walk for two days afterwards is the only downside!


I’ve always been pretty active and enjoyed going to the gym, but I’ve always tended to go to classes as I had no idea what to do with half the equipment in the weights area. After having children my body had changed and I was starting to have little niggling pains in my joints from carrying them around so I decided I needed to work on my strength and shift a bit of fat! I’d followed Kate on Instagram for a while and was amazed by her transformation.

I’ve trained with Kate for the last 3 months and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Every session is varied and well thought out and as a result and my body has already changed in a very short space of time. She’s professional, knowledgeable and a stickler for form, but most importantly of all she’s loads of fun to train with.


I have only recently started training with Kate and wish I had found her years ago! Having worked with a number of trainers over a couple of years most of the exercises I do with Kate I have done before, but the difference in form and technique that I have learnt in only a few sessions make a world of difference. Suddenly the exercises make sense and I can actually feel the muscles I am targeting working and changing, rather than just doing the exercise because it is “part of the programme”.

One of Kate’s particular strengths is empathy, when you try to explain something to her she just gets it, she understands what drives people and that enables her to use the right approach to motivate her clients to push that little bit harder than they might otherwise. I definitely work harder with Kate than I have with other trainers, and can already feel the benefits of that work so am happy to put that work in as I am confident I will see the results I want. I can’t recommend Kate highly enough, everyone should have a Kate on their side.


Kate made me feel at ease straight away. Her belief in what I was capable of pushed me to achieve far more than if I were alone.


I worked with Kate online, as unfortunately I’m not in U.K. (if I was I would have loved to of trained with her too). First off I was inspired by her own personal story and journey on Instagram. So I contacted Kate and she was happy to work with me. The plan was easy to follow and delicious. She was also on call for words of support and the occasion ‘trust me’ when things got tough. I hope that we can work together again in the future, Thanks Kate!


I enrolled at Virgin Active Gym. After going for two months I was not able to see any difference to my physique with the exercises I was performing, until I enrolled in a PT session with Kate. The first session was an eye opener, as it showed me proper technique and the correct way to perform exercise in order to gain muscle. As my motive was to bulk up and gain lean muscle, I enrolled in more PT sessions with Kate. The sessions were really good as Kate helped me in getting the basics right, which is very important in the long run.

What I like the most in her sessions was that she has a real understanding of her clients’ strength, as she pushed me to get through the last rep and perform all of the exercises with correct form. With regular practice and sessions with Kate I could see a difference in my physique. I would recommend Kate for any level of gym goers, she does her job the best.



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